The Legend of the Time Sword, Episode One, by Marcus Horn (Retro Arcade Adventure Remade), is the official first place winner of The Buswick 2013 game development competition. It's a compelling game about exploring and solving puzzles while manipulating time and working together with a spectral clone of yourself. There's no combat in this game, only puzzle-solving.

You, the nameless protagonist, have been plucked out of time and space by a supernatural being and transported to a strange place--let's call it a dungeon. Your powerful but not omniscient patron immediately informs you that you are not any kind of chosen one, but you were the only one around so you'll have to do. This giant floating face needs you to go fetch the four pieces of the shattered Mirror of Time, which are hidden about the dungeon. He'll pop up here and there as you explore, and he'll even save your game for you.

The first order of business is to retrieve the Time Sword. Once you have the artifact, you can swing it to begin recording time. Another swing of the sword will teleport you back to when you you first swung it, but the recorded version of you will be there as well, carrying out your previous actions. This is the game's central mechanic, and you use it to solve some pretty interesting puzzles that go beyond just hitting two switches at the same time.

The plot thickens when you start seeing flashes of your future self, but we'll have to wait for future installments to unravel that mystery. The game does end on a cliffhanger, but I'm eager to see what lies ahead in Episode Two!

You can download The Legend of the Time Sword for Windows.