Frog Sord is a gorgeous action platformer from Mech6 Games. While the original concept of the game was a bit more complicated, it looks like what they've settled on mechanically is shaping up to be a lot of fun.

Mech6 originally had a handful of mechanics planned, like grapnel, block, sword and jump. The team eventually settled on the latter two, but couldn't help shake the feeling that the game was a Super Meat Boy clone with a sword. The addition of an eight-way dash maneuver gave the game a unique feeling, however, reinvigorating the entire concept.

As it stands now, Frog Sord looks to make great use of the character's agility through wall jumps and aerial dashing. Enemies can be as insignificant as roadblocks, or may require you to time attacks with the movement of a shield. Also, thanks to a recent developer post, we know that there will be boss battles. The release date has yet to be determined, but the game is currently being built for Windows.