While Völgarr the Viking was the most difficult game at Adult Swim Games' booth at PAX Prime, there was another game present that came in a close second. Super Comboman is a brawler with some serious muscle. The art style may be two dimensional but the gameplay is anything but flat.

The characters in the game, including the hero, are all made of stickers. The sprites are sharply drawn with a thick white border around them in the classic children's sticker book style. The combat is inspired by Marvel Vs. Capcom, Streets of Rage and the classic Treasure games like Gunstar Heroes and Guardian Heroes. One of the best features of the game is the ability to juggle enemies into the air and smash them into the walls, subsequently destroying them. In fact, Interabangent said that there will be a "shit ton" of environmental destruction.

The ability to juggle enemies and objects plays into the level design and puzzles. Mass and acceleration both tie into how much force a flying object will have, so expect to apply some knowledge (even a basic understanding) of physics to get through the stages. There is actually a sticker book in the game that you can fill to gain upgrades. They'll help you conquer the 12 levels and three planned bosses.

If the demo is any indication, Super Comboman is going to require practice and patience to complete. There's a satisfying feeling once you best a room full of pickaxe-throwing construction workers, because the game doesn't take it easy on you. The team is planning a release close to the end of 2013 though specifically when has yet to be decided. It will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux through Steam, however, when it is ready to peel off.