Lately it seems like I end up playing Super Time Force every time I go to PAX. It was no different at Prime in Seattle this year. In Capybara Games' defense, it has been a new build every time. I'm always ready to chastise them for the game not being out yet, but each time I walk away having experienced a whole new dimension of gameplay. They tell me that this is it, though, and that the game is coming out soon.

Here's a quick recap on Super Time Force: The game is a 2D action shooter where the player has 30 lives to complete a level. When a character dies, you pick a new character then play alongside the "ghost" of your previous actions. This can happen up to 29 times, allowing you to create a virtual army with which to storm a stage. Capy calls it "single player co-op". Save your ghosts from being killed and you can add them back to your life total. Finish the level in time and you beat the stage. It's a complicated sounding concept but it becomes natural as you play.

The new details in this latest, and probably last convention preview build are numerous. Saving a ghost can now count as an additional hit point instead of being added back to your life total. Doing so also allows you to access the special attack of whichever character you saved. This effect can be stacked three times, each with a different type. Two new playable characters have been added to the roster, making a group of eight total. Melanie Gibson wields a shotgun, while Squirt is a literal piece of poop with feces-based attacks. Fittingly enough, a new sewer level was shown off. Stages now contain time shards that will slow time down when shot, and there are now collectable items to find in each area as well.

Unsurprisingly, Super Time Force plays as well as ever, despite there being even more information to process and decisions to make. Capy's Nathan Vella said the game will definitely be coming out this year, and it will definitely still be coming to the Xbox 360. We've heard this song and dance before, but with the next generation looming there's a good chance that he means it this time. Expect the game to land on Xbox Live Arcade before 2014 rolls around.