Incredipede, the gorgeous physics puzzler from Colin Northway, Sarah Northway and artist Thomas Shahan, has made its way onto iOS and Android devices for $3.99 today. The mobile version features virtual buttons as input for rotating on joints both ways to help Quozzle gather fruit and get to the exit. Players can also add parts to Quozzle with touch and drag controls.

To make constructing your Quozzle easier, the developers added a 'what's under my fat finger window,' which zooms in to let you make detailed adjustments. Incredipede on mobile should look largely the same even up close, with "only a few graphical effects being disabled because of hardware considerations," wrote in Colin Northway.

Incredipede for Windows and Mac released last year, and it is nice to finally have the visually stunning artwork of Thomas Shahan fit into my pocket (and quickly show off to friends).