It's always nice seeing people working together, and even nicer when indies help other indies realize their dream games, which just happens to be case with Lunar Giant Games (the creators of Delve Deeper), dev team The Amiable and their forthcoming Tetrapulse offering.

Lunar Giant will be publishing The Amiable's beautifully strange and decidedly multiplayer game that, according to the people responsible for it, is "a two to four player, single screen co-op game where you and your friends join forces to battle a swarm of alien robo-bugs using the only weapon you have left: your own life-force. Every shot of your laser drains your health as you work together to protect the Heartstone, an ancient battery that powers you and your friends."

So, yes, that does indeed sound like the finest combination of robo-bugs and health/ammo balancing gameplay one could hope for. And there's also a highly informative Tetrapulse Kickstarter you might want to have a look at too and, why not, support.