Graveck's color-weaving puzzler Strata has just released on iOS, joining its previously released Windows and Mac versions, and is worth all 99 pennies. The goal is to weave colors such that the top ribbon matches the color on the bottom, making almost every sequence important and challenging. The presentation of the menus and hundreds of puzzles is slick and elegant, accented with gorgeous sound clips, as seen and heard in the trailer above. The touch controls are equally elegant; your fingers clutter the screen very little compared to the output of your brain.

Strata has a free web preview to try, but I suggest you forgo that candy bar or in-app purchase elsewhere and try out this refreshing puzzler on your iOS device or your Windows or Mac machine (at a slightly higher price of $2.99).

Graveck also has a Steam Greenlight page for those who want to see Strata on Valve's service.