lostecho.pngLost Echo is one of those big, detailed, rich and quite frankly grand adventure games we've come to expect for the PC and not something I'd hope to find on the App Store for a ludicrously low price. And still, Lost Echo has exclusively just made its debut on iOS exactly as dev team KickBack had originally announced and I can't help but be completely and utterly impressed.

Taking place in a beautifully realized, sci-fi and fully 3D setting, Lost Echo has you searching for Chloe; the girl who mysteriously disappeared in broad daylight and nobody seems to remember. Not even the people she was talking moments before the odd flash that has apparently and quite definitively erased her existence, as Greg, her boyfriend, is about to discover and embark on a mysterious journey to find out what happened.

A journey involving a lot of puzzles, quite a few mini games, clue collecting, more than a few interesting conversations, some exploring and tons of glorious pointing-and-clicking. Or, well, touching. Also, a journey that can be adjusted to your adventuring skills as Lost Echo, not unlike Monkey Island 2, comes with two distinct difficulty levels!

Lost Echo is a universal app and you can grab it on the App Store for $2.99.