Playing as a robot on an Android-based console only makes sense, so the fact that Clark exists is no surprise. Golden Tricycle's Ouya release is a solid puzzler with fantastic space tech style. It's kind of like Wall-E, but with more drunk robots and even more dialogue.

Helper drone Clark #37 is the only robot in a failing Martian nuclear facility interested in performing his job. The disappearance of the supercomputer known as Father has led the other machines down a dark path of partying, falling victim to the inebriating effects drinking diesel fuel has on their circuits. It's honestly hard not to join in, as the soundtrack is pretty dance-worthy. You'll meet a handful of colorful characters as the game progresses, but your tale eventually boils down to saving everyone, including the lovely and inherently-dangerous Clara, the atomic bomb, from certain doom.

Clark is an isometric puzzle game that makes the most out of its central mechanic of moving things. The simplicity of this mechanic, of course, is only as strong as the puzzles that make use of it. Dropping boxes on switches is one of the main ways, and the game starts simply enough by asking you to move them from point A to point B. Eventually new boxes show up that can redirect lasers, meaning you'll have to put them down facing the right direction, or hold them a certain way to bypass hazards. Soon enough you'll be shuffling around multiple boxes and even worker drones too drunk to move themselves.

There 100 puzzles set across 25 levels, so you get a decent chunk of game for your $8. It's available now through the Ouya store. Golden Tricycle is planning to port the game to other systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and other Android platforms.