Candy Zoo 2 Electric Boogaloo is a collection of 10 games in various stages of completion from Amon 26 (Gyossait). Some of them have made an appearance before and others are available for the first time in this package. Some are small but complete games and some are WIP builds of games that have been canceled or put on hiatus (but even these are fully playable--and quite enjoyable in their current form). $3 will get you:

Arrapha Beta: This is 3 chapters of a Castlevania-esque action game with surreal horror imagery in a style similar to Gyossait. This might be some of the developer's nicest pixel work. The protagonist has a gun, a machete, and a snarky attitude. I'd love to see this game completed one day.

Dainty Pain: The first level of a game about a princess who escapes the dungeon where she's enslaved. You spill plenty of blood, but not a drop gets on your pink dress. If I had to choose only one project from this collection for the developer to expand, it would be Dainty Pain.

Gears'n'Gators: (Previously covered here.) Two players go head-to-head as alligators trying to eat chickens while avoiding giant gears. This one has a really catchy tune.

SUPER Gears'n'Gators: This is a completely different game than Gears'n'Gators, though it uses many of the same elements. In this one-player experience, you guide your gator through a number of single-screen levels, freeing alligators from cages and blasting the monsters that put them there. There are gears to avoid, as well. Features additional art by Sophie Houlden.

JetPilot GoNOW Demo: (Previously covered here). 3 stages of a fast, Afterburner-style aerial shooter, featuring a cool heroine. This should really be expanded. The demo might crash in Windows 8.

The Long Run: Made to promote an industrial music night at a local club, this mini-game casts you as the DJ and his wife, racing to the club on their hoverbike and taking out other motorists with a super-bazooka.

Senora: Made as a promotional piece for a dance studio, this mini-game has you guiding a dancing couple across a scrolling ballroom, avoiding other couples and collecting glasses of champagne.

Up Down Z: The name of this sly little game doubles as the instruction manual. You start off as a shark launching missiles by chomping the fish tethered to them. When the chorus of the soundtrack song kicks in, things get a little crazy. Then you're controlling something else entirely, but your past actions affect your new situation. I really like this brief punk rock single of a game.

WrenchFighter Turbo: A 1 or 2 player fighting game where you bash your opponent with a big wrench. One button functions as both attack and block. Apparently this is what Sparky from JetPilot GoNOW does on her time off. This game might crash on Windows 8.

ZaaLord: In this mini-game, the ZaaLord flies across a blasted landscape, raining death upon all the people fleeing his wrath. Torrents of blood ensue.

The controls in each game are fairly self-explanatory, if not actually explained onscreen. In general, you use the arrow keys and Z and/or X.

You can purchase Candy Zoo 2 Electric Boogaloo for $3 and support Amon26's future projects.