MirrorMoon EP is what I imagine being on the moon would feel like: a struggle. Santa Ragione's puzzle-packed space adventure is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux with a 10% launch discount, making it $8.99 for a ton of content to keep your brain busy beyond this weekend.

Each galaxy apparently consists of 1,000 systems. I couldn't test this to be true, but if so, I agree with the developers when they say, "It will be possible to fully discover the mysteries of MirrorMoon EP only while collaborating with other players."

The multiplayer of MirrorMoon EP also sounds promising, in that it lets players share galaxy maps with others. Furthermore, the first person to land on a planet will be able to name its star system, and that name will be bound to it forever for others to see.

You can leave your mark on Mirrormoon EP today.