adventures_of_captain_corradoI played a demo of an upcoming point and click (or should I say "point and touch", since it's coming to PlayStation Mobile enabled touch devices?) adventure game from Risu Studios called The Adventures of Captain Corrado at Tokyo game show. It's a very polished game that differs from your average point and click adventure in that there are many and varied mini-games to play in addition to the puzzles.

The demo seemed to simply be the beginning of the game, and in the 5-10 minutes I played, I encountered several different mini-games. The first I played was the battle mini-game, which was a duel in which you have a limited amount of time to react to the enemy's moves. The game made it clear which direction it wanted me to swipe, and all I had to do was make the correct swipe quickly enough. If I did it right, the enemy lost one heart; if I messed up, I was the one to take a hit.

The tutorial battle was very slow, which made me think the battle mini-game was going to be a drag to play throughout the game, but when I got to the second battle the pacing was just about perfect. Other mini-games involved things like tracing one of a tangled up pile of rope with my eyes to figure out which was the one I needed and shooting a kraken with cannons. Aside from the battle mini-game appearing twice, the mini-games all felt completely different from one another.

adventures_of_captain_corrado_02.jpgI didn't see a lot of the story, but what I did see was funny and lighthearted. Captain Corrado's ship is the Floating Unicorn, and his daughter Miley is eager to find some real treasure so she can graduate from pirate school automatically. Captain Corrado is not pleased with this idea, but he can't seem to convince Miley to avoid danger. All of the jokes I saw were 100% family-friendly.

The graphics and sound are simple but nice, and they fit the tone of the story quite well. Bright colors give the game a cartoony feel, and the music is appropriate for a fun pirate adventure. We'll see how it all shapes up later this year, as The Adventures of Captain Corrado is coming to PlayStation Mobile enabled devices this winter.