Popular games get tactical RPG versions all the time. Final Fantasy, Suikoden, and even R-Type are among those that have received the treatment. The same thing is now happening for the most popular game in the world with Soccer Legends. Digital Lightning Studios' turn-based version will allow hooligans to manage their team both on and off the field.

Soccer Legends puts the fate of the entire club in the hands of the player. You'll be able to manage things like tactics and trades to hopefully keep your club toward the top of the standings. Balancing the payment of wages and fees is key. Bankrupt your club and you'll find yourself at a "game over" screen.

On the field the player will have the ability to move players around on the hexigon-based field and make use of over 50 skills to try and score goals. These skills include the obvious and necessary choices like dribble and shoot. Strategy cards can also be deployed, which can affect things like a player's strength or an opponent's ability to use certain skills. Weather and crowd mood can also affect games, much like a real-life match.

The game also includes a legend mode, where you take control of a specific player and guide them through their career, unlocking new moves and skills along the way. A multiplayer mode is planned but is currently under wraps.

The game's Kickstarter page is live now. Windows, Mac and Linux are going to be the main release platforms, but Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, iOS and Android versions are all possible through the stretch goals. The game is also on Steam Greenlight and will be available through Desura as well. June 2014 is the estimated date for release.