A quick blonde warrior equipped with a blaster leaping about a space station taking out enemies has proven to be a great basis for at least one gaming series in the past. And Velocity 2X is not aiming to break this mold. But the trailer released by Futurlab shows they're adding some fresh spices to the action, giving the game a flavor all its own.

The original Velocity was a shooter that innovated with a teleport mechanic used for dodging, or passing through obstacles. Velocity 2X has adopted the same mechanic, only now its being used in a 2D puzzle-platforming action game. You'll blast enemies into smithereens, open doors and teleport through walls as you make your way through the space station. Tossing a projectile through narrow spots and swapping to its space appeared to be a fun ability as well that has a lot of potential for braintwisting puzzles.

The space shooter formula from the first game appears to facilitate your path between the sidescrolling stages in the trailer, but the team is planning to bridge the two types of gameplay into one cohesive package. More information will be revealed on the game at this year's Eurogamer Expo. Velocity 2X is planned for a 2014 release on Playstation 4 and Vita.