Sock Thuggery's upcoming Mighty Tactical Shooter for Windows, Mac, and Linux might be a hard sell to twitch-craving shmup fans, but those who want a different take on tactics and story will want to dock here. As seen in the pre-alpha footage, players will control everything from movement to weapons but with enough time to see the weapon trajectories or ship flight paths in each section.

To add some spice to the slow shmup, the player will have three AI buddies in the ship's dashboard. The developer says Gun Buddy, Shield Buddy and Repair Buddy have their own personalities and special parts to play in the story and mechanics of the game.

Some of the notable mechanics I've read include joining enemies together with tractor beams to watch them dance out of control and cause explosive chaos, bending shots around corners with gravity wells to hit otherwise unreachable vulnerable spots or switches, and placing wormholes that teleport ships and shots into useful places.

Mighty Tactical Shooter by Sock Thuggery is up on Steam Greenlight and will be on Kickstarter soon. Its PC releases will come first, with tablets to follow. My iPad 2 is impatiently waiting to shoot the core, tactically.

[source: Indie Retro News]