Star Runner is the newest autorunner on Xbox Live Indie Games. With only 24 stages, the game certainly goes by quickly, but the periodic oddball changes to the setting and gameplay make it worth a look.

You'll be running from zombies in the first set of eight stages. Normal humans and dogs who are senselessly running toward you and the pursuing bloodthirsty horde can be jumped upon and knocked to the ground to provide a meal for your assailants. Miss the jump and they'll slow you down, eventually enough that you'll become the tasty treat instead.

You end up on the rooftops during the second set of levels, leaping from ledge to ledge and over skylight windows with a pack of ninjas. The third and final set takes place on the back of a fleet of airplanes. In addition to jumping about aircrafts you'll need to collect the pizzas that are being hurled your way by malfunctioning delivery robots.

The jumping isn't always as spot-on as I'd have liked, and the soundtrack does become a tad repetitive, but the overall experience is enjoyable (and quick) enough that these are minor complaints at most. Star Runner costs $1 and is available through the Xbox Marketplace now.