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NicoNico Douga, the Japanese equivalent of YouTube, is running their second Indie Games Fes[tival]. NicoNico has teamed up with various sponsors to offer prizes to some of the participants, and with four days left to submit there are over 400 games available to play for free.

There isn't really an easy way to access the games en masse, unfortunately. To get to a game, you must look for a link in the description of its explanation video. You can access the video descriptions without a NicoNico account, but you must have an account if you want to watch the videos.

We've already covered two of the games from this festival, arena shooter Vampire Bloody Star X and vertical shmup Colorful Shooting. Keep an eye out for more recommendations over the next couple of weeks, but if you want to try to find games for yourself, check out the third section on the Indie Games Festival main page. The section you want looks like this:


Prizes offered by sponsors include things like a gaming notebook PC, a Unity Asset Store voucher worth ¥50,000 (approx. $500 USD), and free booth space at upcoming game shows such as the Tokyo Locate Game Show run by IGDA Japan. No mention is made of how the prizes winners are to be chosen, but the winners will be announced at the Autumn 2013 Game Market.