The IGF award-winning, casual and quick roguelike Desktop Dungeons made a huge splash in its early state back in 2010 and is still free to play now. However, QCF Design has been working the last 3.5 years on polishing the game, and it will finally be available on November 7 on the game's main website and Steam for $13.50 if pre-purchased ($15 upon release) for Mac and Windows.

The video above gives a tease to the final build's gameplay and graphics. It also shares a bit of the soundtrack, orchestrated by Grant Kirkhope (too many Rare hits to list) and indie senstation Danny Baranowsky.

Those who order the game now will gain instant access to the browser-based beta. Developer Danny Day told me that you'll be able to play the game via Steam offline/online and in browser via Desktop Dungeons' main site if you sync saves. It will even sync across saves when it comes out on mobile, too. As for releases outside of the main site or Steam, "we still need to sort out a distribution solution for that," he said.

Visit Desktop Dungeons to get your casual crawl on now.