mileywreck1.jpgYou are Miley Cyrus. Bidden by your supernatural masters to rid the world of Hannah Montana, you set off to hunt down and kill your arch-nemesis. Fortunately, you won't have to face her and her nightmare army with your irrefutable singing talent alone; you are armed with a gigantic, floating laser cannon that looks like a jet engine. This is the scenario of David Dionisio's surprisingly good action-platformer Wreck.

Wreck is Dionisio's entry to both the Ludum Dare October Challenge and the Newgrounds Assassin Game Jam. The inclusion of Miley/Hannah is not a mere gimmick; it fulfills the theme of the Assassin Jam, which is named in honor of a once-popular subgenre of Flash games that could best be described as celebrity murder simulators.

The title screen sets the wacky tone with a MIDI rendition of "Wrecking Ball". In between levels, you are presented with quotes from various historical villains, like Stalin and Lenin. The game's premise is fun, but the real reason to play is for the cool central gameplay mechanic.

Miley's canon functions as both a method of propulsion and attack. You can use it to jump higher and further, to rocket yourself around the screen, and to burn enemies to a crisp. The weapon is large and powerful, and you are a diminutive pop star, so keeping control of it as you fry enemies and avoid deadly red spike-plants is part of the game's challenge.

Wreck's a fun little game with an interesting mechanic that could carry a game even without a gimmicky plot. And what a final boss encounter it has!

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