mosaic mingle final.pngAcoders' Jonnathan Smadello has just put the last coat of paint on his logic puzzler Mosaic Mingle, releasing all of its 50 normal stages and 50 remixed challenge stages for free.

The closest game I can compare it to is Compile's godly Guru Logic Champ, but Picross or really any logic fan will probably enjoy this. You see the full pattern of colored blocks on the left and must fill them in the mosaic. You can fling a piece from any direction towards any edge or outermost piece (or inner wall, as the game calls it). As you progress, planning ahead for the sections of the puzzle that you close off will become vital to completing the mosaics.

The easy stages start off aptly so, but as soon as you unlock the challenge rounds, I say to go for it! The color queue (which has a nice ring to it, no?) will be more jumbled up, requiring you to be more calculating with your block placements. The hard stages exaserbate this challenge. Before long, you'll be second-guessing yourself and trying to figure out new strategies, such as which moves you will have to make last to complete the picture and which sides of the mosaic to leave open to do so.

I think Mosaic Mingle is really awesome as it is now, and with a few surface tweaks could be ready to take over the mobile arena, too. I can already imagine that I'd prefer filling in the picture on a tablet and being able to do so more accurately and quickly with my finger or stylus. I feel the yellow-ish green background isn't the most inviting, nor is the name Mosaic Mingle. Alliteration is typically a bonus for me, but I'm not quite sure "mingle" is the right action word.

The only issue I find in the core gameplay is that it shows brackets in spaces where a specific colored block clearly shouldn't be placed. It could save an undo if only the spots that corresponded with the block color were bracketed. In the game's defense, its harder moments will actually demand attention to be constantly shifted between the color queue and mosaic equally.

I suppose that's more of a request than a fault, and it definitely shouldn't deter anyone from playing. For the bargain price of free, it would be a shame if every puzzle lover didn't invest even a fraction of time into playing Mosaic Mingle compared to all the time Jonnathan clearly put into making such a clever game. Well done!