thatguy1.jpgThe name could be the title of a zany comedy, but That Guy is a horror game through and through. Developer Guasavitox really knows how to use simple assets to create a delicious sense of tension--and then ratchet it up. It all starts out innocuously enough when you get home from school, greet your folks, and head upstairs to play videogames. But later that night, someone breaks into the house and... well, some terrible things happen.

As the story unfolds, you'll be doing a lot of hunting in the dark for keys and other items, gaining access to new rooms, and eventually running and hiding, so it's a good idea to learn the layout of your house. New gameplay elements are introduced bit by bit, and after that guy starts stalking you, it becomes less a game of exploration and more one of cat-and-mouse. You can hide from him and you can use a flashlight at just the right moment to stun him--if you see him coming--but there are no weapons.

The controls are explained at the beginning of the game through a cute tutorial (you're at school, you see), and more are introduced later in the game. One thing that wasn't clear to me at first was that you have to open your inventory and click on a key in order to use it.

There's a bit of running back and forth in That Guy, being set inside a single-family home, but it was a satisfying horror experience overall. There are 4 different endings, depending on your actions during the final section of the game, and the story that's revealed is quite elaborate. Actually, there are 5 endings, if you include getting knifed in the dark.

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