pizzawiz1.pngPizza Wizard by Daniel McFarline (AKA MonsterJail, developer of LaserCat), is an addictive game of pizzamancy and tower defense. Well, you're defending a tower, but it's not a Tower Defense game. It's a single-screen, score-based action game where you control a pizzamancer defending their keep against a siege of goblins, bats, and dragons. The adorable sprites from Oryx might be familiar, but the game design is unique.

You hold off the attacking hordes with deadly pizza by using a control method that would only work with a mouse or a touchscreen. To cast your pizza magic, click on the wizard and then drag to draw the path of destruction. Release the button to unleash the pizza, which will travel along the path you drew, killing any beasts in its way.

The action doesn't pause while you're drawing, so it's a bit like Missile Command, where you have to account for your targets' motion and aim for where you expect them to be. You can draw a curved line or a squiggle to take out a bunch of enemies at once, but you can only draw each trail to a certain length.

The goal is simply to stave off you and your tower's inevitable fates for as long as possible while racking up as many points as you can. Points, of course, are awarded for killing monsters, and you get bonus points for combos and for taking out golden dragons as they peacefully fly by. If an enemy reaches you at the top of your tower, you die in a puff of smoke, your tower collapses dramatically, and the goblins saunter off laughing.

This game's a whole lot of fun. And it's got a pretty great chiptune theme song, as well.

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