lakeview cabin.pngThis moustached man without a plan (and at times, his underwear, so NSFW) stars in Roope Tamminen's browser game, Lakeview Cabin. Roope discussed this 70s slasher film tribute back in August, and today he wrote in to say it was done. Your goal is to figure out how everything can work together to survive your stay in the cabin.

That is to say, without spoiling the game solutions, most items will need to be used to get other items to stop the relentless menace who haunts you. It definitely has a few, not-so-cheap jump moments built in.

Roope shared with us that he is really nervous about releasing Lakeview Cabin. "I'm a father myself and some of the game content made me really doubt about releasing it. But I believe there's no reason to make a horror game if I dont find it horrible myself."

He hopes people like the core concept so he may develop it further into a commercial game.

If you want a little bit of spoilers, check out this trailer. Otherwise, skip to the play link below.

[Play Lakeview Cabin]