mkfly.pngMoku Fly is a Unity Web Player entry in the NicoNico Douga Indie Games Festival. In this game made by Neko Ninja Core, you play a gray cat flying through a river ravine in a blue biplane, dodging what appears to be cactuses everywhere and trying to collect things that remind me of Tokyo Banana, a popular souvenir food you can get in Tokyo.

You control your cat via mouse movement, and as you collect the Tokyo Banana-like objects your gauge fills up. Once the gauge is full, a left-click unleashes a barrage of bullets which destroy any cacti in your path. Your speed gradually increases the whole time, making it harder and harder to dodge. It's a simple game, but a fun one, and the music and other aesthetics are pretty nice.

You can find Moku Fly here; it loads automatically, and the start button is labeled in English.