love pieces.png

[Update: ROM Check Fail dev Farbs is making a thinking-person's Pac-Man with Puzzle Script, too.]

Master of puzzles Increpare (English Country Tune) has released today an open-source HTML5 puzzle game engine called Puzzle Script. He has also documented the first steps new and old developers can take with the engine to make tile-based puzzle games. Increpare tweeted that Voxatron dev Lexaloffle made the first game he's been linked to after launching his engine.

love and pieces requires the orange tile to attach to all the grey and green "+" tiles without getting stuck. It's a short affair, as love and its pieces can be, but it's neat to see how quickly someone has already made a game with Increpare's new tool. It will be even neater to see how the dev community bends Increpare's new engine to make all sorts of puzzles (and probably non-puzzles).

Lexaloffle has provided his source work for love and pieces, so people can make new puzzles or expand on its formula. However, those who just want to play with the game itself can do so here.

The Puzzle Script editoralso has a dozen examples of demade games you can enjoy by clicking on the "load example" on the top left, such as Microban by David Skinner, 2D Whale World by Increpare, Notsnake by Terry Cavanagh, and Lime Rick by tommi tuovinen. (Thanks for that editor tip, Terry C!)