closure demake.pngIncrepare's Puzzle Script has proven an amazing tool to create games of varying complexity and genre. Today's collection of indie game demakes is just another testament to the usability and popularity of the engine, with puzzle platformer Closure, roguelike-like ending, and chemistry puzzler Sokobond now available for everyone to enjoy for free.

Tyler Glaiel has recreated his light and darkness manipulating puzzle platformer Closure (pictured above) a third time, to stunning effect. What was once a browser game, and then a PSN game, and then a PC game, is now a free browser game again, but more condensed and pixelated.

sokobond demake.png

Harry Lee and Alan Hazelden's chemistry puzzler Sokobond was demade by Jonah Ostroff, who also created the amazing Heroes of Sokoban. Over 10 levels of sokoban-like atomic bonding awaits.

ending demake.png

Finally, a demake of Aaron Steed's ending by Lachlan Cooper includes seven of its turn-based puzzles of smash or be smashed. Unlike the other games, you can also enjoy Aaron's full version of ending for free, and you can support him with mobile version purchases.

If you happen to enjoy any of these demakes, I've included links to the full versions of the games, too.

[Play the demakes: Closure, ending, and Sokobond]

[Support the full versions of Closure, ending, and Sokobond]