heroes of sokoban.pngWhat starts out as an ordinary block-pushing sokoban ends up as a two-part (and maybe more) series about a group of box manipulators, each with his or her own special "powers." A few stages into Heroes of Sokoban by Jonah Ostroff, you'll encounter a thief who pulls boxes, and another who can magically swap spaces with boxes. Just when you've mastered controlling each person individually, you'll have to control two or more simultaneously.

Heroes of Sokoban II: Monsters assumes you've learned the lessons about the heroes from the first part, so be sure to play the games in sequence. There are monsters in this one, which you can switch places with but can't touch.

Jonah has crafted a fun set of puzzles made swiftly with Increpare's Puzzle Script; now, see how crafty you are, using your might and magic to escape. For extra credit, feel free to browse through this Tumblr of Puzzle Script-powered games, where you will find this and dozens more.

[source: Free Indie Games]