The reaper awaits all souls who fail to survive the brutal, randomly generated platforming of Catacomb Kids by Tyriq Plummer. Before you blow this off as a Spelunky-clone, recall that Derek Yu recommended following Catacomb Kids in our Spelunky tribute. Now we finally get to see the action, and a bit of magic, in its brand new IGF 2014 submission trailer, after the jump.

From its Facebook page, we learn that we'll be battling a sorceress and practitioner of necromancy named Abys, who controls an undead army and has since conquered the world by force. In response, five heroes joined together to sink her floating fortress and seal her away until a more worthy hero was born to finish her off.

That hero will be stacked with RPG-like stats, equpiment, armor, and magic spells, it seems, as shown in this early screenshot.

catacomb kids image.pngCatacomb Kids has a tenative release date of 2014 according to the Facebook page, but that is subject to change. For now, feel free to poke around the game's official website for more information and pixel peeking.

[source: TIGS Tumblr]