Spud's Quest has only been out for a little over a month and Chris Davis of Mouldy Toof Studios is already working on his next game. Where Spud's Quest was a puzzle adventure and a side scrolling platformer, The Escapists looks more like it's going to be a strategy simulation game. You, the player, are a prison inmate, and your goal is to get out.

It sounds like Chris plans to make the game so that a variety of strategies could work. You'll have to work around prison schedules and beware of things like cell inspections, of course, or risk losing precious items crafted from common objects or stolen behind a guard's back. A trip to the gym or the library could increase player stats necessary for an escape attempt to work. Having good relationships with your fellow inmates could make it so you can enlist their help, but having bad ones might make you a target for gangs. The game is at an early stage, but it looks to me like the idea has a lot of potential.

Chris Kickstarted Spud's Quest successfully, and he's going for it again. The amount of money he's asking for this time is really quite low at £3,000 (less than $5,000 US). A DRM-free copy of the game is available at the £5 tier (approx. $8 US), and if the game gets greenlighted, you'll get a Steam key later, too.