Rush to Adventure feature.pngDigital Awakening has released a pre-alpha demo of Rush to Adventure, an "action adventure heavily inspired by old 8-bit NES games like Zelda, Mario, Mega Man and Kid Icarus." The side scrolling action itself is pretty standard but solid, and the chiptunes (especially the castle) are quite upbeat. The overall package was sastisfying and fun, though, with a non-linear map that encourages exploration and a stamina meter that requires players to ration their attacks.

Each level grades you on a slew of things: equipment, coins, experience, and hits and time taken. The character carries a shield that actually deflects enemy shots, and it does so automatically. I didn't notice a penalty for falling in the water, but why should I complain for not being punished, right?

Rush to Adventure feels like it's missing one thing for me: the ability to rush or run. I can see how using a run button that depletes the stamina gauge could create further tense situations, too. It could also open up the variety of platforming challenges.

I can't imagine having an extra run button on a mobile device, but an Ouya controller or Windows keyboard could easily accomodate this. The character moves a little slow for my taste. I'll reserve judgment on its variety of content -- power-ups, weapons, stages, backgrounds, enemies, quests, puzzles(?) for when the game is complete.

So if you dig demos of games that need some loving and feedback, certainly rush to play Rush to Adventure. The final game is planned to be released on OUYA, Android, iOS, Windows and Mac in 2014.

[Rush to Adventure OUYA, Windows, Android downloads, via TIGS]