jeremyexphal1.jpgEvery single month, Glorious Trainwrecks hosts the Klick of the Month Club, a 2-hour game jam where the tool of choice is Clickteam's simple (and all but obsolete) Klick & Play gamemaking software. Finishing a game is emphasized over anything else, but constraints can breed creativity. The 76th Klick of the Month Club was particularly fruitful, having produced cool games like the previously covered Ghostflusters and the three selections below.

spookscarskel1.jpgSpooky Scary Skeletons: This turn-based puzzle game by dotdot was, like the aforementioned Ghostflusters and Leon Arnott's perplexing Slush Switch, crafted in Puzzle Script. In this cute, clever twist on Sokoban, you are a ghost that has to push skeletons into their graves. The skeletons are very scary and also very easily scared, so you cannot let any two of them occupy adjacent tiles. Puzzling bliss ensues.

[Play Spooky Scary Skeletons]

jeremyexphal2.jpgJeremy Explores Halloween Land: In elektron's clever creation, you control Jeremy on a quest to find the Great Pumpkin. What looks like a typical sidescroller at first turns out to be more of a puzzle game--and one that lies to you. On the second screen, you come across a sign that tells you to press A to jump. Go head, try it. Blowing yourself up is how you have to navigate the caverns, digging your way downward. Fortunately, there are lots of checkpoints. This game is frustrating and kind of brilliant, and I'd like to see what could be done with this concept and more time.

[Download Jeremy Explores Halloween Land for Windows]

thecrypt01.jpgThe Crypt: In mutantleg's Gauntlet-esque dungeon crawler, you are a wizard exploring the titular crypt, collecting keys and killing monsters with fireballs. The gameplay is familiar, but there is some remarkably devious level design on display here. My favorite parts are the rooms where you release bouncing oranges to break colored bricks, releasing the monsters trapped behind them. The Crypt is simply fun.

[Download The Crypt for Windows or play The Crypt online]