panic mission.pngTaorin Soft's action puzzler Panic Mission for Windows is an entrant for the HSP program contest and involves a bit of forethought to avoid squishing the player or dropping a piece into the abyss. The goal is to reach the exit by rearraning the Tetris-like puzzle pieces, with one anchored to the ground or attached to a hanging electromagnet.

From those anchoring pieces, each other piece must touch by at least one side. Moving pieces also requires care, as you click to select and then drag slide them. Each movement must also result in the pieces touching, or else they fall into the abyss.

Your character can jump one square gap, climb diagonally upward or downward one square, and can also be crushed by any piece hastefully moved on the journey to each exit. Don't panic when you download and play Panic Mission, and you should be ok.