If you grew up playing NES games, or if you just enjoy a good retro experience, MTMB Studios' Null Divide+ is like comfort food. It's like I went digging through my old cartridges and found a rare classic I had neglected to play. The graphics, the sound effects and music, the difficulty level, and even the font all capture the feeling of a first-class third-party NES game.

The only thing that places Null Divide+ firmly in the post-NES era is the eventual complexity of its controls and use of the mouse. It starts simply enough, and you don't even have a weapon when you begin. You control a small starfighter, damaged and almost out of fuel. When you happen upon a massive, seemingly abandoned starship, you fly inside and start looking for fuel and parts to salvage.

It turns out that the place is not deserted and your reception is less than friendly. You'll have to avoid or dispose of a variety of killer machines and other automated defenses while you explore and collect new abilities, which allow you to access new areas.

Null Divide+ explains its controls in-game, and you can use a keyboard+mouse or an Xbox controller to play. Null Divide+ is a free download for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android (note that touch control is not supported). I first stumbled upon the game's online version, but that build is potentially less stable than the downloads.

You can also download the extended soundtrack, which was produced with FamiTracker and in accordance with the NES' hardware restrictions.