ISR 2.0.pngSecret Formulas. Hookshot swings. The Chains of Poverty. Chainsaw grindfest. Laser Command. Mixing colors for missiles. Harvest Escape. Heavymetal mowing.

These are some of my favorite things from Indie Speed Run 2.0 today.

Windows freeware Secret Formula by team IDK takes "secrecy" and "vines" and creates a swinging platformer, where you dodge lasers and missiles and swing over acid, all the while discovering secrets of your origin in the lab.

Monterrey ISR Jam's browser-based Laser Command takes Missile Command and "combines" color theory with "sunglasses," where you try to avoid bright lights and cross laser streams to shoot down invaders that don't match the primary colors you start out with.

AbstrAKTGames's Windows freeware The Chains of Poverty takes the variables of "chainsaw" and "poverty" to create a modern grind game, where your abject chainsaw performs for money, sawing certain objects and dodging others. You aim to furnish the chainsaw's condo (thereby earning power-ups to perform longer) and complete his longing for material objects.

Lastly, Team Neverpants combines "agriculture" and "engines" to make the browser-based, speed puzzler Harvest Escape. You only have so many seconds to decide where you and your farm animals should stand to avoid getting mowed down. The music and sound effects are of particular delight.