Have four or more pairs of handcuffs laying around the house? Of course, you do! You're about a quarter prepared for Joe Pietruch's Chain Gang Chase, then, where you play with up to seven friends as convicts, physically chained together, running for freedom in this couch co-op game for Windows, Mac, Linux, and OUYA.

Professor Pietruch at the School of Interactive Games and Media at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) wants to use Kickstarter and OUYA's matching Free The Games fund to pay for student interns and faculty to complete the game.

Chain Gang Chase builds to a tense climax, where escape convict-players must carefully break their chains with the force of an oncoming train. On the way to the tracks, players must work together to avoid trees, solve puzzles, evade detection and capture, and avoid getting stuck.

I would have enjoyed seeing everyone chain-handcuffed together, instead of groups of two. However, the beauty of this kind of game is that such rules are up to the players to bend, and it would entirely be possible (if players have enough handcuffs). I'd also like to see a little more variety in the maps, but it sounds like such variety is in the works. Plus, whenever there's a map editor, there's a way, right?

The overall concept was too fresh to pass up a post; I love the unorthodox use of one controller held by two people's crossed hands. Hopefully, we'll see this funded, and it will even get added to some indie parties during its creation. A $15 pledge can get a copy of the game around May 2014. A few days in, the project is at almost 15% of its $10,000 goal.

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