How's about a crowd of carefully selected crowdfunding games to consider? Rebuild 3, Beyond Eyes, The Fall, PULSAR: Lost Colony, and Vitalis all have something unique to offer, and we'll take a brief look at each one so you can decide if you want to check them out in more detail and support them. First up is Sherida Halatoe (tiger & squid) and her magically colorful Beyond Eyes for Windows, Mac, and Linux, a story driven game where you play a blind girl who explores the environment using her other senses to visualize the world around her.

The character, Rae, begins exploring by touch, and then by focusing on sound and scents. You have to watch Rae and avoid forcing her into dangerous situations; otherwise, she ends up scared and distrustful and will refuse to do your bidding until you regain her trust.

Sarah Northway's Rebuild returns in Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville. "It's Sim City meets The Walking Dead." Sarah's listed too many new features to recite, but some include unique faction leaders with their own personalities, motivations and stories; an option to play in real-time for a more fast paced, natural experience; and all new events, storylines and secrets with enough text to fill a novel.

The strategy series will hit Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android if all goes well. Those curious about the series can play Rebuild 2 for free.

Leafy Games's PULSAR: Lost Colony for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Oculus Rift is a cooperative starship simulator with procedurally generated galaxies, where you must explore the universe to find the mysterious Lost Colony. While the game offers infinite replayability in terms of places to visit, crew permadeath leads to your save being deleted, so you'll need to take care with the five crew classes you level up.

Over The Moon's The Fall is an episodic adventure described as Super Metroid meets Monkey Island, mixing point-and-click games, platformers, and shooters. Players control an AI onboard an armoured combat suit, inside of which hangs the unconscious body of the suit's human pilot. You must control the suit and move his unconscious body towards help.

The Fall so far is scheduled for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Wii U, with other consoles as further stretch goals.

Lastly, Vitalis for Windows and Llinux is an RPG adventure that wants to raise environmental awareness through play. The game will have players confront scenarios such as a man cutting wood illegally or someone hunting gorillas, with every decision affecting the game. There will be puzzles, side quests, and, if goals are met, a full turn-based combat system. Closer stretch goals will include Mac, Android, and iOS ports.