Cipher Prime has debuted its new 'retro futuristic' arcade shooter, Intake, as part of a Humble Weekly Sale focused solely on the studio's library of games for PC and Android. Celebrating 5 years of making games, the studio has bundled up its library: pay what you want for gene puzzler Splice, hexagonal puzzler Fractal: Make Blooms Not War, and rhythm game Pulse: Volume One. If you pay $6 or more, you'll also receive the new Intake and light and sound bending Auditorium.

My hitting a million points is just the tip of the skill iceburg in Intake. The main mechanics require you to alternate between two colors to match the color of the pills before you shoot them to maintain your combo. You can avoid a quick game over by shooting the pill with the opposite color, but that will break your combo.

If you miss the pill, you can also switch to its color so it is destroyed in the bottom danger zone, but if you miss it there, it's game over. Other pills come along to provide a moment of repreive, along with quick bonus intermissions, but the action is generally unrelenting.

There are over 70 achievements promising to teach even the most hardcore player new tricks. There are also four unlockable challenge modes: Acceleration, Minefield, Reaction, and Flood. The in-game upgrade store's currency is vitamins, which you shoot while you play. You can even turn the game into a shmup, developer William Stallwood told me.

IndieGames founding father Tim W. loves Intake, too. "Intake is like a tribute to all of @BinaryZoo's classics: simple, frenetic and addictive."

If you're ready for 'infinite wubs' and to 'be aggressive' will your pill-popping, grab Intake and the rest of the Cipher Prime suite at Humble Bundle.