A year and a half have passed since we last saw this beautiful puzzle adventure built around an epic poem. In this video uploaded today, Brazilian team Swordtales's Toren is positively blooming with bright lights, stunning colors, and a stirring musical track, and it appears to be gunning for the upcoming IGF.

A quick search to see which trailers for games have been posted for the approaching IGF 2014 deadline this evening yielded this as one of the few public results. While unconfirmed, Toren may be back for the Excellence in Visual Art award with a vengence, after receiving an honorable mention in IGF 2012.

The last blog post from the developers compared their interface to "the same philosophy present in Heavy Rain to give immersion for the player feel every action and every effort during the game."

The YouTube description for this new video of Toren reads as such: "an adventure game based on discovery and growing up. The plot takes place inside an ancient tower where a girl is kept prisoner. With transformation in mind, the battle with an environment of constant threat evokes the human effort with the run against time and their own mortality to become a true warrior."

The same description says Toren will be available for Windows, Mac, and, Linux soon. We've been waiting over 2 years, so what's a little longer? As long as this doesn't become The Last Guardian of indie games, I'll be happy.