IndieGames has continued its IGF 2014 entry spelunking to find additional, promising iOS and Android games submitted (some of which are also coming to or already on PC) with this second collection presented today. Some are expansions of Ludum Dare or similar jams, others have been flying off-radar, until now.

The Little Prince Returns

Melior Games' The Little Prince Returns looks like it plays familiarly, as a twisty-turny sidescrolling adventure, but its visuals are absolutely stunning. It promises brain-teasing puzzles and is based upon The Little Prince novella by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Sneaky Sneaky

Sneaky Sneaky from Naiad Entertainment looks to appeal to casual dungeon crawling fans, with its turn-based tactics and soothing fantasy aesthetics. Audio will surely be pristine with Jeff Ball scoring it, too. Windows, Mac and iOS owners can look for it in early 2014.


Framed reminds me at first of Continuity a bit, but it looks to be more of a narrative puzzle game, where you rearrange the comic book panels to tell the tale correctly. Framed is coming out on Windows, Mac, and iOS this year from developer Loveshack. I'm curious if you can tell the story in more than one "correct" way.


Doggins' teaser is slightly intriguing, but the above image warms my heart, even with that frown. This iPad adventure game is set to release by the end of the year and follow "a dreaming terrier's battle of wits with a monocled squirrel bent on reversing human progress." You can find more on Brain&Brain's blog, including an adorable dog animation.


Fingle developer Game Oven Studios submitted Friendstrap, an even more awkward social experiment coming later this year. It challenges two players to follow and otherwise hold onto the device for as long as possible. I appreciate this one, as it encourages face-to-face interaction. Very pre-social media!

Hey, Shu!

Colin Sanders and Jason RT Bond's Hey, Shu! may be a contender for most colorful and cutest game of the lot, and definitely has a playful vibe to it, too. It is a "relaxing, real-time gardening game for mobile. You play as Shu, a rolling, bouncing ball of happiness aiming to bring life back to a barren planet."

A Vision Quest

oMobio's A Vision Quest tasks players with using their mobile's camera to solve platformer puzzles. Such puzzles include finding edges in the outside world to create bridges and ramps to cross gaps and to block enemies. The game is scheduled for Android for the end of 2013, with the iOS version shortly after.


Developer Amidos has submitted an extended version of his radical-radial free game Atomic, playable on Newgrounds or Kongregate. Your goal in the Super Hexagon and Super Crate Box inspired twitch-skill test is to collect squares and avoid bullets for as long as you can. It is set to come to iOS later this year.


Lastly, there's not much to go on with Denisovan, even on its blog, but it defiinitely intrigues with its visuals and curious description: "a fictional imagining of a girl who died 40,000 years ago, published as an animated and interactive artist's book for iPhone/iPad and Android mobile devices." Grab it here.

Be sure to check out yesterday's collection of brain-teasers -- Threes, Rainbow, Don't Shoot Yourself, Drei, Blek, Circuits -- also entered into IGF 2014.