Your eyes, ears, and thumbs were built to perform this Duet together. Kumobius, the devs behind Bean's Quest and Time Surfer, has released its trance-enducing Hexagon-like dodger, Duet for iOS devices, and it is a sensory treat.

Instead of dodging with one shape, you're dodging with two, rotating in one of two directions on the diameter of a circle. If either the blue or red end points smack into a wall, you must start that section over. After a few rounds, you'll be restarting a lot, making the end of the 50-stage challenge seem so far away.

Shapes will begin to fall of different sizes, along different sides of the screen, and at different speeds. All of it will start to meld in your mind as you listen to the mezmerizing tracks of Tim Shiel while you play. Once you complete the set levels, you'll have an endless survival mode for high score competition.

Those looking for the latest in twitch torture will be sadistically satisfied. Grab Duet nowfor $2.99 for your iOS device.