Stop motion animated graphics and props crafted by hand can be more than just beautiful; they can lend games a certain physicality that makes them feel more real. More evocative of the feelings the designers are trying to share. More interesting actually and Knite & The Ghost Lights, to finally start being informative, is definitely interesting. Intriguing even. And a game that must have taken ages to reach the state it is in now. I mean, seriously, just watch the pitch video and look at all the work and loving attention to detail poured into the thing; even the tiniest of props has been masterfully sculpted and painted by hand.

Graphics and the visual aesthetics of a game though are not all there is to it and it seems that devs Mobot Studios are fully aware of the fact. They are, after all, trying to construct a rich world with fully fleshed out characters in which to set their plot, while making sure the music and sounds are equally lush and appropriate. As for Knite's gameplay core it will be a metroidvania of sorts, or, as the devs put it a "unique take on the classic side-scrolling action adventure game - filled with puzzles, platforming, hidden surprises, tons of magic and exploration".

Knite & The Ghost Lights will initially be released for Windows and Mac. You can support it on kickstarter and, should you be fast enough, even secure your copy for $5.