And Yet It Moves developer Broken Rules has just started its Secrets of Raetikon Indiegogo campaign, offering instant access to the open-world, action-adventure title. The above trailer showcases the game's stunning triangular art and a wonderfully human and fresh approach to crowdfunding, with their poking at accents and alpha bugs and offering up more information than you can process without pausing it.

It became obvious from the video and the alpha I've played that the game has a rich lore built in and fantastic style. The trade of flight for fragility becomes immediately apparent, as winds whisked me away, and most of the animal kingdom overpowered me. To overcome them and the many puzzles, it took more than a bird brain to observe the environment and unlock its secrets.

Those who pledge at least $10 will get instant access to the current alpha build for Windows or Mac (with Linux coming soon). Those curious about the game which served as a prototype for Secrets, Chasing Aurora, can check out this video.

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