Some of the best puzzle games excel because they use simple mechanics to give players the tools and space to hang themselves if they aren't careful. That's exactly what 10 does, and it does it with bright colors and basic math.

IOJOE's 10 is all about moving blocks in straight lines to combine them, adding the numbers on them together until you create a block which, as you can probably guess from the name, shows the number 10. Combine all the number blocks into 10 blocks and you've beaten the level. Once a 10 block has been created, it becomes sedentary, immobile yet able to be used as walls to direct other blocks where you wish them. If you're not paying attention, however, they can also make it impossible to win, as examples from my own playing show.


Later levels introduce new kinds of blocks, starting with sedentary blocks which are present from the first but including things like wormholes that suck your blocks in. The game has launched with 140 levels, but IOJOE intends to add more content with time.

The game is available for iOS and Android devices, and is currently free on iOS. This is a release promotion only valid for ten days, however, until October 20th. After that, the game will be $0.99 in both stores. 55 of the levels are also available in the browser version.