It must be hard being a lumberjack. One moment you're having a party at your cabin with some friends, then suddently time goes awry and the world you once knew is gone. In its place is a world where bears are the dominant life on earth, and humans are nothing more than beasts to be captured and put in a zoo. How do you fix this conundrum? In Fist Of Awesome, you punch your way toward a resolution, one bear at a time.

In terms of gameplay, Fist Of Awesome is your basic brawler. You move from left-to-right and punch or kick anything that moves until it doesn't get up again. You can hold your attack down for a super punch, and you can kick backwards in case you get surrounded. Completing a level or dying will allow you to cash in experience points for upgraded statistics, giving you something to chew on in between rounds, or help you should the rumbling get a little too tough to handle.

The brawling is engaging if a little slow moving, but the real star here is the goofy sense of humor. You'll come across delights like a bear strip club, and fight secret agent bears. Your guide through the game is your inexplicably enlarged hand, who provides helpful advice and hints on how to revert the world back to normal. Honestly, the story is madness. And that's what makes it great.

Fist Of Awesome is available on iOS, Android, Ouya and GameStick for $4. There is an expanded version for PC and Mac planned for some point in the future.