indie custom cube feature.png[Update: the Cube has been taken down. Co-creators Derek Yu apologized for alienating anyone, and Laura Shigihara shared her opinion on sexism and racism concerns. Developers such as Anna Anthropy and I Wanna Be the Guy dev Kayin didn't know their likeness or character creation was to be used in the cards.]

Indie superstars from hundreds of the games you love, or love to hate, are all part of a 360 Magic card set called The Indie Custom Cube. These cards came about after many Magic cube drafts at events such as GDC and TIGJam. The first version of these cards was playtested at GDC 2013, and is now available for everyone to enjoy.

indie custom cube.pngThe design of these cards is nothing short of amazing, and I can't quite figure out which to feature, so just go enjoy them all right now.