CTSim.png"There are a lot of videogames about violence but not nearly enough about consensual forms of violence and non-normative forms of intimacy," writes in Merritt Kopas to share her newest paid game, Consensual Torture Simulator. While most other genres and modes of games shy away from such topics, her Twine work presents a couple's premeditated approach to pleasure and pain.

While the planning isn't interactive, the violent intimacy is, in choosing how and where to inflict pain. I was a bit perplexed while playing because I did not know when to stop, as the character never used the safe word. Maybe that feeling of uncertainty is part of what people feel in real life during such intimacy. The text certainly gets explicit, but I didn't see or hear anything else that could be NSFW, in case you need to know when or where you can explore this 10-minute Twine tale.

To get a taste of Merritt's previous work, try out for free LIM ("a game about violence and liminality") and HUGPUNX ("a fluoro-pink queer urban hugging simulator").

When you're ready to take the $2 trip to tough love, grab Consensual Torture Simulator here. Once you are done, check out this spoiler-ish analysis by Anna Anthropy.