gidon01.jpgLast night, I impulse-bought Lulu Blue's Galactic Donut Dance: GiDon Donut after seeing its author mention the game's release on Twitter. After playing it for some time, I felt like I should have paid more. It's a polished, addictive action-puzzle game with handsome, abstract graphics and an interesting central mechanic based on inertia. It would probably be a hit on mobile phones. GiDon Donut is one of those games that feels like a classic by being easy to learn and difficult to master.

With the arrow keys and the spacebar, you control a shooting star (I think) as it dances through the sky and dives through the rings of light that encircle other heavenly bodies like space donuts. On each level, your objective is to crash through all of these rings and then reach the goal as quickly as possible. You start out with quite a bit of thrust, but each impact will slow you down. Plan your path carefully and make sure you have enough momentum to get to the goal. Once you've conquered a level, you can go back to it and try to to beat your best time.

GiDon Donut has that special something that I think will appeal to both so-called "casual" and "hardcore" gamers alike. This is one impulse buy for which I definitely won't feel buyer's remorse. You can pay what you want to download GiDon Donut for Windows, Mac, or Linux on

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