Heart Forth, Alicia has been in the works since 2007. That's a long time to work on a game for any developer, much less a single-person studio. This story-driven platform RPG is still coming, though, and it's quite a looker.

While the screenshot above caught our eye, we were happy to learn that developer Alonso Martin has been providing updates on the the game's website throughout the development process. And the amount of time being spent on the game isn't being wasted, as the feature list for the game is ambitious.


Your character will have access to seven different magical attacks and 20 upgradable abilities in all. There are also fairies that can help the player out, one defensive, and four offensive. There's a day and night cycle that allows for the player to schedule quests and events with the NPCs, some of which have 24 hour routines. Like many games with RPG elements, the inventory system allows the player to equip different items to affect their stats.

Martin is hard at work on a beta release, but despite the lengthy development period so far, there's no target release date as of yet.