If there's a bone in your body that loves a competitive four-player arena battle platformer, Atomic Ninjas by Grip Games is the title for you. Knocking colorful ninjas off screen or into hazards is much more difficult to accomplish against human opponents than one might first imagine.

These aren't your father's sneaky ninjas. These are fast, hard-hitting ninjas who want nothing more than to respawn you again and again. Follow suit or you'll spend more time watching than playing. You have access to one attack and one support move in matches, like a punch and a rocket pack, for example. Double-jumping toward opponents and attempting to knock them into bottomless pits during deathmatch is satisfying when you succeed, but humiliating when you fail. Being able to steal attacks is a nice touch and adds a bit of uncertainty to combat. You never quite know what your opponent is equipped with if they're careful.

Other modes like Capture the Flag and Domination are satisfying as well. Still, like most multiplayer games, the real fun is in slugging it out for most. Atomic Ninjas is available through PSN for both Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita as a cross-buy title for $10 but be forewarned, there is no single player campaign or story mode.