Between Me and the Night first made it on IndieGames back in August, and its core concept of duality hasn't grown any weaker. Rain Dance Studios is hoping to work on it full time and self-publish, but it's asking for your help to do so.

The game's Indiegogo campaign has just launched, and a future copy on Windows, Mac or Linux is available at the $15 pledge level. They're hoping to raise $70,000 or more in 40 days and, like most crowdfunding campaigns these days, they have a full list of stretch goals.

The turn to crowdfunding was motivated by previous negative experiences with publishers. The team is unwilling to alter their vision of the game, so they're reaching out to the general public to help fund the game themselves.

"Tiago [Loureiro] has not only worked in publishing liaisons with third party developers for a big publisher, but also been the third party himself, pitching games from mid to big publishers," Rain Dance told Indie Games. "In his career he has seen many times the same picture: a creator's vision compromised for the sake of higher revenue expectations, which, in the end, was seldom a good compromise.

"And even before the game was called Between Me and the Night, [we] had some interested parties, and they wanted us to basically mutilate the game and turn it into another casual experience, and that's really not what we're aiming for with this project."

The team has turned to Chipzel, of Super Hexagon fame, to provide the music for the "retro classics" that are in-game and playable. They're anticipating Between Me and the Night will release in August of 2014.